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We try to keep an open mind with the 'superhero' thing so long as it save lives.

We think a motif like heroism helps us stand out and inspire others to do good work. To illuminate. To heal.
Blockbusters and costumes are one thing, but if we can show the true heroes and villains of the world, it will be a better one.


Yes, a cape can serve a purpose, but Super Foundation tools are built by many to save many.

In this, we are more than any one real or fictional person can be. We apply our principles in the real world.


We have chosen 7 guiding principles to highlight issues and resolutions in the world.
Dealing with the challenges of today requires problem-solvers who bring different perspectives and are willing to take risks. It takes community builders. It takes heroes and skills of all kinds.



Taking a stand

We aim to be the leaders our partners expect and the world needs. We try to see every challenge as an opportunity. We are prepared to manage complex challenges, and remain faithful to our mission without bias, distraction, or corruption.


Finding the best uses for what we have

We study new approaches and develop innovative ways to implement them. We evaluate our success by gathering qualitative and quantitative data, and comparing this data with expectation and need.

Technology is about providing the best tools for the job. It also means knowing what the world should invest in for the most positive impact.



Tackling the Issue

Tactics are all about measurement, certainty, and progress in the main mission. What we do needs to make an impact, and it needs to stay done.
Tactics work with Technology to provide intelligence we need.


1% can't be the best for everybody

Social. Economic. Political. We want to make real, positive change in the community. We need to ask practical questions.

What are the impacts of our choices internally and externally? What are the impacts to our chosen projects? What does this project about the economy? What are the political motivations? What is the social impact statement?



It's all about people

Thinking locally, we can actually build a movement around these critical issues that might otherwise be lost to the public. We are focused on the most pressing issues for everyone, and we need to make that clear.

We need to build relationships and keep all demographics part of the conversation.


Atmospheric. Geological. Oceanic. Beyond.

Environmentalists that work with Super Foundation consider the worst case impact of all projects; they need to see every layer on the topographic map.
We need to understand the planet and the species we're trying to save. We need to see the connections if we're going to make the right calls on priority.



Life must find a way

What is the impact of our chosen project on the individual life? The population? These are the factors that concern our biology research professionals. Our bottom line is lives saved.

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