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Super Foundation FAQs


We hope this helps you get started. Reach out if there is more you need to know!

What is Super Foundation?

Simply, Super Foundation (SF) is a nonprofit focused on saving lives. SF accomplishes this mission by inspiring, implementing, and accelerating projects that have a measurable impact on the world.

Inspiring others to do good work is vital, so that every ripple we make adds up to a great wave. Implementing projects ourselves keeps us aware of the struggles that other individuals and organizations face. Accelerating projects is so important, because more often than not a good organization already exists and just needs a helping hand.

How do these projects help save lives?

We only implement and accelerate projects that our Board of Directors and Advisory Committee have approved of. They need to follow INVEST criteria and rank highly in our roadmap for success. We have a simple application process, but a high standard to ensure that we always support the best projects available to us. Often these are small and direct, for those that need direct support.
Our donors expect their time and money to go directly into projects that save lives, and they will never be surprised.

What are some specific projects Super Foundation supports?

The best way to learn about this is on our Projects page. We've set up some simple hashtags like '#upcyclingfoodsaveslives to indicate our link to an important topic and the outcome we expect from each project involved.

How can I get involved?

We have every option available, but the simplest impact you can make is to take things one good deed at a time. Are you volunteering at a food shelf? Are you marching for women's rights? You might be Super already.

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